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Brush text lyrical video creating with images & effects

Kinemaster pro whatsapp status editing. 

             Hello friends how to make the brush background text lyrics on kinemaster. Whatsapp status editing in easy. Best Whatsapp status videos download if any particular video, All files links are in below, You can download it easily using click the download button below. Friends make the video with your own images to awesome video status. 
            Friends make the Whatsapp status video and share your feelings others. And more fans & followers & likes. Best Whatsapp status videos in Telugu 1000+ collections. 

 Video making :- 

•Open the kinemaster select 9:16 ratio. 
•Click on the media select your favorite image. 
•Click the leyer select media select effect video. Adjust the video & click the blending select screen. 
•Click the layer tap on media select green screen lyrical video & adjust, Enable the ckromakey. 
•Select the border image. After video creating save the video. 

 Download links :- 

1.Aveeplayer effect video


2.Nuvvani idhi nenani song lyrics video (green screen) 


3.Full screen border png image


4.Brush text background png image


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