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Top 5 Best Stylish Watch for men & women

         Hello friends I'm suresh, Today in this post I'm telling Top 5 Stylish watches for men and women. This all watches are looking beautiful & slim and colorful. 

          Read this article and choose your favorite watch under 200 low budget price.

1.WANTON K021 (watch for women)

Price : 198/-

▪️Display Type : Analog

▪️Strap : Multicolor , PU (material)

▪️Watch Type : Wrist Watch

▪️Clasp Type : Buckle

▪️Flowers color strap and flower design.

     This is beautiful watch & Pink flowers design best watch for girls in the price segment .

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2.Daniel Jubilee Rose gold (Women)

Price : 198/-

▪️Display Type : Analog 

▪️Strap : Silver ,Rose gold

▪️Dail color : White 

▪️Watch Type : Wrist Watch 

       Watch is thick and style exlent design, looking very very amazing. And no more talking definitely buy the watch in this low budget price. Fantastic suitable for girls.

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3.Fogg 2038-WH (watch for men) 

Price : 261/-

▪️Display Type : Analog 

▪️Strap Material : Stainless Steel

▪️Strap Design : Chain 

▪️Watch Type : Wrist watch

▪️Strap color : Silver 5 , Silver 6

▪️Dial color : Blue , White 

▪️Water Resistant : No

▪️Weight : 104g

▪️Thickness : 47mm

            Watch is simply super for men's. Steenles strap & Day & Date Display. Very is to use watch design is super.

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4.Skmei digital analog (watch for men) 

Price : 335/-

▪️Display Type : Digital 

▪️Strap Material : Silicone strap

▪️Watch Type : Sports 

▪️Colors : Red, Blue, Yellow, Black

▪️Water Resistant : Yes

▪️Dial color : Blue 

▪️Weight : 70g

▪️Mechanism : Quartz

      Watch is fantastic suitable for young peoples. Dual time & Day month year display on led. Digital watch and available more colors.  

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5.Pixo Fashion PX SRK 237-WH-BR (men) 

Price : 209/-

▪️Display Type : Analog 

▪️Strap Material : Leather 

▪️Strap design : Plain 

▪️Watch Type : Wrist watch 

▪️Dial Type : White 

▪️Scratch Resistant : No

▪️Water Resistant : No

▪️Power source : Battery sell

           This is leather strap watch leather smooth. Watch design also good & Easy to use and fit. This is best pic for men in the price segment.  

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That's all thank you guys.


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