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Antivirus need for Android Mobiles

Antivirus need for Android Mobiles

If you do as I said, the virus will not come to your mobile. You can remove the virus on your mobile without installing any virus app.

If you are interested to know how to remove it, read this article in full and you will understand clearly. I will tell you some tips that you should follow regularly. Find out if our Android mobiles need antivirus.

Most people install some apps from any third party website. So when you install it you will be asked to enable the setting called Unknown Resources on your mobile. It doesn't matter if the app is good after you install it, but if there is a virus in the app, the virus can enter your mobile and damage your mobile. So if you want to install any apps we have Google Play Store then you can install the apps from there is no virus problem.

Now I will tell you if it is a small setting so if you do this it will immediately detect if there are any malicious apps on your mobile.

  • First, open the Play Store. Click on the left side to see if there are any three lines above. Click on the Play Product button where you want to enable it. We enable this so that our mobile is always scanning it so that it will immediately remember any malicious apps on our mobile. Immediately we can delete such apps. In this case, our Android mobiles do not need antivirus.

Many people use various antivirus apps to clean their viruses on their mobiles. If they are not a workout for us, it is better not to use them. The more ads we see in this app, the more our date will cost no matter what we do, Also these apps are constantly running in our mobile background which makes our mobile slow as well as the charging rate drops quickly.

Also, if you do not watch pornographic videos on the Internet, we will see ads displayed there. If you click on it, the virus will automatically come into our mobile.If you follow these tips, your Android mobile will not need antivirus.

My heartfelt thanks to you for reading this article in its entirety with great patience.


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