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Pubg Mobile High Ping & Lag Problem Solution

Pubg Mobile High Ping & Lag Problem Solution

friends If you play the Pubg game but your ping gets louder when you play it, your game will lag. That would be very embarrassing. But through this article I will say the solution to make your pubg ping less, Please read it in full.

Pubg Mobile High Ping & Lag Problem Solution Tips :-

Let me tell you some tips which will work 100% for sure.

1.Game Booster

This game booster option is present in every mobile. This is for games separately. How it works means that apps running in the background on our mobile will close.That makes the game run smoothly.

Also the signal comes in well.To enable it, first "open the settings on your mobile. There is an option called Game Mode Enable it". Doing so will reduce your pubg ping issue. To find out which apps are consuming the most data, open Settings and go into Data Usage

Restrict the data of the app that uses the most data. Doing so will save your data here as well as reduce the Pubg ping issue.

2.Internet connection & Network oparator

Friends First check if you have good internet connection on your mobile. In addition, use the network to "find out which network is getting the best signal around you". If you want to get good internet speed, first take a good network, the better the signals, the better the internet speed. This will also solve your pubg mobile high ping and lag problem.

3.Background Apps Close

We need to remove any apps in the multi-tasking before the game and keep them clear. "This allows your game to load faster, Also lags do not come while playing the game, ping is also less".

4.Pubg Mobile Settings

This is also a reason for your Pubg game to lag. Keep the graphics in the game "smooth and the frame rate high". If you select High Graphics, your game will lag many times and you may be killed

Select the graphics to suit the processor in your mobile. Keeping the settings low in this way will not cause the game to lag as well as the ping issue.

These are the tips I want to tell you friends, if you do this Pubg Mobile High Ping & Lag Problem will be completely solved.


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