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Which Mobile Brand is Better

Top 5 Mobile Brands in India in 2020

There are many types of mobile brands available in our country right now but most people do not know that there is a good brand in them. So now I want to tell you about the top 5 mobile brands in India.


No need to worry about the Apple brand because it is the number one mobile brand in the world. Listen now to how it became the number one brand.

  • First its build quality is very premium, that feeling is a must when held in the hand.
  • This is a BEST mobile in terms of security.
  • Also these mobiles are very fast.
  • The camera lens used in this is also very premium and the photos also come out very well.
  • But the price of this mobile is very high.


Samsung Mobiles are also very good brand mobiles Many people prefer this mobile if they want to use it for a long time.These mobiles have earned a good brand name of their own both offline as well as online.

  • These mobiles are very strong and the design is very good.
  • Also the display of this mobile is very good.
  • But the processor used in it is not commensurate with its price.
  • But when it comes to the camera, the photos are very, very excellent because the lens used is very premium.
  • It also has a good battery capacity.


Google Mobiles means Google Pixel phones are also very premium and the camera lens used is also of high quality so we get specials and photos that come very well.

  • The design of this mobile is very simple and beautiful.
  • The important thing is that the photos in it come to us in very good quality.
  • Also these mobiles are very good in terms of performance and run very smoothly.
  • Also good updates come from time to time.
  • These are lightweight and feel great when held in the hand.


These One Plus mobiles have a good reputation in India. This is because the display used in it is very smooth as well as very good and it is also very excellent in terms of performance.

  • The camera lens we use is very good so our photo out will come in handy with good color correction.
  • Performance in these mobiles is extremely easy to handle no matter how heavy the games are.
  • All these mobiles also support fast charging so this mobile takes less charging time.
  • Also the build quality used in it is premium.


These xiaomi mobiles have become very popular in our India in a very short time.These mobiles are releasing mobiles with good features at low rates.

  • First of all, when it comes to design, the design is as attractive as it gets.
  • Also when it comes to the camera the photos in it are also a bit low quality if we don’t come in very well.But the color correction is very good.
  • What I like most about these mobiles is that these mobiles bring us good processors at low rates.
  • Also the size of these mobiles is taken to be slightly larger in size to suit their rate.

These are the top five best brand mobiles in India for all our friends.


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