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Amazing Tiger Attitude Status Editing in Kinemaster

 Tiger Attitude Status Editing

Instagram Story Editing, Whatsapp Status Editing, Attitude Status Template

We did the editing using the Kinemaster app. Kinemaster is available for free on every Android mobile, as well as being very easy. Best editing app, in this app let us do video editing. 

Kinemaster has a lot of features that can cut videos. Can extend videos, increase video speed, make slow motion videos, It can add many image, video, as well as audio layers. Chromakey, Blending, Trimming, Zoom in and Zoom Out are just a few of the many options available.

If you want to do editing you need to download some kind of effect images, as well as videos. Their links are given under this article. Now let's start editing.

How to make a video

-You must first install the KineMaster app, then open it.

-Next you need to select the 9:16 ratio.

-Then you select the background image.

-Then you click on the layer, click on the media and select the bulb png image.

-Then you select the yellow color light image, then place it on top of one bulb, duplicate it again, place it on top of another bulb, duplicate it again and place it on top of the third bulb.

-Then you select your photo, that photo should not be the background.

-Then select the Tiger PNG images that you have downloaded.

-Then you select the splash effect video.

-Select Black PNG Images and add your video to the following side.

-Finally you select the effect video.

-You can also write any text near those bars using text layers.

-Now you can click on the music for this editing and select your favorite song.

-Okay, your video is complete.

Share your video on social media

Now you can put your video as your WhatsApp status, or even as your Instagram story. You can also share your video on your other social media platform. You too can get a separate identity. Also, you can increase the number of fans and followers.



Also Download Kinemaster Pro

Thank you guys.


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