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Whatsapp New Privacy Policy Update (2021)

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Explained : what is new?

WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy, and users have until February 8 to "accept the new terms and conditions". 
Actually Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for 19 crores.

Does WhatsApp share our personal messages as well as data with Facebook:

Compared to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, WhatsApp does not make money because we do not se any ads in it. That's why they have brought this update to make money from WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not take chat details if we chat with anyone, that is, "photos, videos or chat details". Every messaging app has end-to-end encryption so that only who sent the message as well as the person to whom the message was sent know the message we sent. unless we've shared this with someone in the middle, only the person we've chatted with will know. "What WhatsApp shares is that it collects our personal data, our name, mobile name, mobile number and location".
If any of our whatsapp or facebook or any related apps is hacked then there is a chance that our data will be hacked.

Why WhatsApp brought this new Privacy Policy.

And whatsapp is how money comes to them may be displayed when we open the app. Depending on the status we give, there is a chance that the ads will be displayed. And depending on the location we are in, there is a chance that the ads will be displayed.

We have "nothing to fear" from this and it is all for our good.

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