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Nature beautiful whatsapp status video making with lyrics in mobile

Nature beautiful status video making

Friends you are looking to make a good whatsapp status with your photos but you have come to the right place. Here I am going to tell you how to make Nature beautiful whatsapp status video making with lyrics.

First you need to download some files if you want through the link given under this article (Ex. Effect Images and Effect Videos).

KineMaster Features

You need to install the kindmaster app before editing. You have this app in the Play Store. Download it from there.

KineMaster is the number one editing app on mobile. We can make any number of features in this app. Blending, Chromakey, Trim & Split, Reverse, Zoom in & out, Cropping, Voce Changer, Unlimited layers, Stickers, Overlay, Transition, Graphics, Shapes, Fx, Handwriting, and etc more amazing features.


Open KineMaster and select 16: 9 ratio.

Select the background video.

Add a photo of yourself sitting should not have a background.

Select a standing photo. Add a seated photo next to it, which should not have a background either.

Select the photo frame PNG image.

Select more PNG images and add to left side. Go to Adjustment and select the black color.

Then select the lyrical video you like. Add it to the PNG image you selected earlier.

Now you can select the Green Screen Effect video, enable the Chromakey option and adjust it fine.

Now you get back to yourself.

Then you select another project in this ratio of 9:16

Select your favorite photo here and add them to make it fit the screen better.

Also select the transition effect you like for those photos.

Save this video later.

Now select the project you just started and select the video you just edited with your images and add it to the photo frame.

Okay now your video is all editing complete and save it in the quality you like. Video quality is good if saved in high quality.




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