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Beautiful love video editing with photos in mobile


Hi everyone I'm suresh, Are you looking for beautiful love video editing with your photos this is right place for you. Here I will explain you whatsapp status editing on your smartphone. 

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First you need to collect some important files and effect images & videos so that you can create a beautiful love video with your favorite photo on your mobile. 

Just click that download button to download files


First you need to download the kinemaster application so just go to play store and download the app. Next open the app and select 1:1 (square) ratio, Select the photos you like here.Also click on those photos and go to clip graphics, download the photo spread graphic and select what you like in that graphic. Then select the PNG background image you downloaded and adjust it to fit the video. Now select another photo you like. Do not have a background for that photo. Now adjust it to the side you like and do a little key animation. Then you select the grass effect video. In the options on the right side there is an option called blending. Go to it and select the screen.

Then you select the grass PNG images and adjust it on the previously selected grass effect video. Then select the lyrical video you like and adjust it opposite to your photo. Now select the Flowers Particle Effect video and again you go into the blending option and select the screen and click on Adjustment, Choose the color you like, holding the hue line left to right. Ok got it just simple steps to your beautiful love video editing with photos is finally completed, Next export your video on your mobile. Export high quality to produce better video quality. 


After making the video with your photos, Next share your video with your friends & family members to get good impression. And post your video any social media platforms (like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & etc.) and build a separate fan base and get more likes & followers to your popular. 




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