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Full screen photo reveal video editing in kinemater

Today I have explain "full screen photo reveal editing" read the article and follow the instructions step by step and edit.

Kinemaster pro app is the best video editing app. Clean and very easy interface, Also do editing's beginner very easy. Edit videos amazing based on your creativity. Amazing features available video  trimming, voice changing, reverse video, color adjustment, filters, blending, chromakey, cropping, clip graphics, animations, stickers, effects, transitions, layers, rotate & mirroring, key animation and more amazing features available. Use the applications to edit mini movie, shot films, youtube videos, instagram reels, whatsapp status, lyrical videos, fight scenes and more you want.


First you have need to download & install kinemaster application, And also download some video & image files link in below the article.

Open kinemaster select create a project click 9:16 ratio project open media browser select your favorite photos one by one. Next click the any photo layer and go to pan & zoom option to adjust that image properly fit of the screen. Next doin the all photos different types of transition effects. Next add green screen effect video also go to chromakey and enable it.

Next click the layer tap media to select smoke particles video and go to blending select screen. Also click the audio to open your music library and select your favorite song. That's it your editing is totally completed next click export icon and select video resolution also select frame rate and click save as the video.


1.Green screen video   :    DOWNLOAD

2.Particles video           :    DOWNLOAD


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